Pizza e Pasta Italiana

The magazine born in 1989 is most renown worldwide by professionals and more in general by the food service industry.
Pizza e Pasta Italiana has worked alongside the pizza and restaurant world in Italy and abroad for 29 consecutive years now. It is sent out to professionals free of charge. 
The magazine can be read and browsed directly of its website and all the issues from the year 2000 are available online. 
Since 2019, the free digital Apple Store online application is available, rich in extra multimedia contents, photo-galleries, news, videos – everything regarding the food sector!
All that happens in the pizza sector and not just that, is reported with precise reportages, specific surveys and editorials.

Magazine's Official App

The magazine's official app offers an advanced way of interacting with content by accessing ever-new multimedia content such as videos, galleries, data sheets and much more. Find out what the world is behind, or rather to the side of the magazine!


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